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Wildcats place 10 on 3A all-district football team

Class 3A District 3 champion Humboldt placed 10 players on the coaches’ post-season all-district football team.
Wildcat head coach Greg Thomas and his staff made the announcement at the team’s dinner banquet held Monday night (Nov. 19) at the school cafeteria.
The event paid tribute to the Wildcat program, which went 7-4 overall in 2012, including 5-1 and first in district play. The school returned to the playoffs for the first time in six years and went 1-1.
First-team all-district selections include senior quarterback Ben Jacobson, senior offensive lineman Bryan Larson, senior offensive lineman Don Smith, sophomore running back Brady Ross, junior defensive lineman Nikko Wheeler and senior utility player Tyler Zaugg.
Honorable mention selections for the Wildcats include senior safety/outside linebacker Jerod Hauck, senior linebacker Ryan Lee, senior tight end Garrett Nelson and senior offensive lineman Cody Weisbrich.
Ross led the district in rushing yards with 234 attempts for 1,381 yards and 18 touchdowns. His longest TD was 57 yards. He averaged 5.9 yards per carry. Ross led the district in scoring with 114 points. Ross was also second in the district in tackles with 105, including 72 solo stops.
Jacobson led the district in passing yards with 1,380 yards on 87 of 172 completions. He had 14 touchdowns and three interceptions. The longest was for 58 yards. His quarterback rating was 141.3.
Zaugg was second in the district in receiving yards with 26 catches for 378 yards and three touchdowns. The longest was 40 yards. Zaugg also led the district in kickoff returns with 11 for 368 yards and two touchdowns. His longest was 90 yards at Algona. He was seventh in the league in punt returns.
Nelson was seventh in the district in pass receiving with 257 yards on 21 catches with three touchdowns. Lee was sixth in the district in tackles with 79 tackles, including 38 solos.

Quarterback: Ben Jacobson, Humboldt, senior. Brandon Norman, Iowa Falls-Alden, senior.
Running back: Cody Maulsby, Clear Lake, senior. Brady Ross, Humboldt, sophomore. Nate Bahr, Iowa Falls-Alden, senior. Connor Larson, Webster City, junior.
Tight ends: Boone Myers, Webster City, senior. PJ Norem, Iowa Falls-Alden, junior.
Wide receiver: Gavin Sheakley, Clear Lake, senior. Nick Jensen, Iowa Falls-Alden, senior. Ben Mossman, Webster City, junior. Parker Reynolds, Iowa Falls-Alden, senior.
Offensive line: Bryan Larson, Humboldt, senior. Don Smith, Humboldt, senior. Wiley Van Horn, Clear Lake, senior. Mitchell Jordan, Clear Lake, junior. Brayden McDaniel, Iowa Falls-Alden, senior. Josh Wright, Waverly-Shell Rock, junior.
Punter: Koddy Hildreth, Iowa Falls-Alden, senior.
Kicker: Logan Kracht, Clear Lake, junior.
Defensive back: Weston Shaw, Algona, junior. Chandler Diercks, Clear Lake, sophomore. Dan Stensland, Waverly-Shell Rock, junior. Nathan Steggail, Waverly-Shell Rock, senior.
Defensive line: Nikko Wheeler, Humboldt, junior. Steven Akers, Clear Lake, senior. Brice Wilcke, Clear Lake, senior. Sam Thielen, Iowa Falls-Alden, junior. Alex Moerer, Waverly-Shell Rock, junior.
Inside linebacker: Lucas Johnson, Charles City, senior. Pete Swenson, Clear Lake, junior. Andrew Sauerbrei, Iowa Falls-Alden, senior. Nelson Ball, Webster City, junior.
Outside linebacker/defensive end: Collin Julius, Algona, senior. Josh Hoover, Iowa Falls-Alden, senior. Bryson Hamilton, Clear Lake, senior. Colin Wiltse, Waverly-Shell Rock, junior. Adam Staudt, Charles City, senior.
Utility: Tyler Zaugg, Humboldt, senior. Sawyer Frideres, Algona, senior. Mtichell Erpelding, Algona, senior. Carson Farmer, Clear Lake, senior. Eric Willis, Waverly-Shell Rock, junior. Bryce Miller, Waverly-Shell Rock, senior.
Honorable mention
Humboldt: Jerod Hauck, senior. Ryan Lee, senior. Garrett Nelson, senior. Cody Weisbrich, senior.
Iowa Falls-Alden: Gared Stockwell, junior. Jared Richtsmeier, senior.
Algona: Tyler Frideres, junior. Nathan Trenary, senior. Mason Decker, junior.
Charles City: Connor Spading, senior. Adam Murray, senior. Dylan Caromdy, senior.
Waverly-Shell Rock: Austin Kane, senior. Kaleb Staack, junior. BretMcCalla, senior. Tanner hanks, junior.
Webster City: Chris Goodrich, senior. Trey Tesdahl, junior. Dylan Fielder, junior. Alex Oswald, junior.
Clear Lake: Chase Lester, junior. Brock Adams, sophomore. Connor Nosbisch, junior. Carter Hand, junior.
Academic All-District
Humboldt: Garrett Nelson, senior. Ben Jacobson, senior. Michael Orness, senior. Devin Shiflett, senior. Don Smith, senior. Peder Amundson, senior. Ryan Lee, senior. Taylor Pedersen, senior. Jack Curran, junior. Jonah Haselhuhn, junior. Nikko Wheeler, junior.

Humboldt Season Statistics
Rushing: Brady Ross, 234-1,381 18 TDs. Tyler Rutz 49-271 1 TD. Nikko Wheeler 45-248 2 TDs. Tate Illg 8-53 (1 TD. Jaxon Heinz 3-39 1 TD. Ryan Lee 12-24 3 TDs. Aaron Mickelson 3-7, Christian Birdsell 4-1, Michael Gargano 3-(-11), Ben Jacobson 25-(-58).
Passing: Jacobson 87 of 172 for 1,380 yards, 14 TDs, 3 interceptions, 141.3 rating. Gargano 2 of 3 for 21 yards.
Receiving: Tyler Zaugg 26-378 3 TDs. Matt Pogge 16-331 3 TDs. Garrett Nelson 21-257 3 TDs. Jaxon Heinz 8-144 3 TDs. Landon Nokleby 4-127 1 TD. Jerod Hauck 6-98, Jack Curran 1-13, Nikko Wheeler 1-8, Christian Birdsell 1-8, Tyler Rutz 1-7.
Tackles (solo-assist): Brady Ross 72-33 105, Ryan Lee 38-41 79, Alex Nelson 47-24 71, Nikko Wheeler 30-23 53, Garrett Nelson 20-32 52, Jerod Hauck 20-23 43, Taylor Pedersen 21-20 41, Don Smith 20-20 40, Bryan Larson 20-14 34, Cody Weisbrich 14-19 33, Ben Jacobson 13-7 20, Michael Orness 13-7 20, Devin Shiflett 6-6 12, Aaron Mickelson 6-1 7, Michael Gargano 4-2 6, Tyler Zaugg 3-3 6, Conner Thompson 4-1 5, Jaxon Heinz 4-0 4, Blaine Struthers 3-1 4, Matt Pogge 3-0 3, Ian Hadar 1-1 2, Peder Amundson 1-1 2, Dylan Hendricks 0-2 2, Geoff Bruder 2-0 2, Austin Zylstra 1-0 1, Tate Illg 1-0 1, Levi Sawyer 1-0 1, Mike Madsen 1-0 1, Adam Mickelson 1-0 1, Jack Curran 0-1 1, Connor Vitzthum 1-0 1.
Interceptions: Jerod Hauck 4, Alex Nelson 3, Michael Orness 1, Ben Jacobson 1, Landon Nokleby 1, Tyler Zaugg 1, Aaron Mickelson 1.
Fumble recoveries: Ryan Lee 3, Nikko Wheeler 3, Don Smith 3, Alex Nelson 3, Taylor Pedersen 2, Blaine Struthers 1, Devin Shiflett 1, Cody Weisbrich 1.
Point after kicks: Austin Zylstra 26 out of 36 for 72.2 percent.
Field goals: Zylstra 1 of 5, 22-yard longest.
Kickoffs: Zylstra 54 kickoffs for 2,714 yards, 9 touchbacks. Hadar 2 for 23.
Punting: Zylstra 29 punts for 918 yards 31.7 ave, 56-yarder longest.
Kickoff returns: Tyler Zaugg 11-368 (2 TDs, 90-yarder longest. Jaxon Heinz 8-212, Conner Thompson 2-58, Jerod Hauck 1-9,Christian Birdsell 1-6.
Punt returns: Zaugg 8-71. Hauck 2-1.
Humboldt “Bad Cat” Award: Ben Jacobson, Bryan Larson, Don Smith, Brady Ross.
Scout Team Player of the Year Award: Tate Illg and Aaron Mickelson.
Greg Thomas coaching record: 100-92 overall, 56-68 at Humboldt.